The Top 10 Ketogenic Recipes on Custom Daily Diet

Starting a ketogenic diet isn’t easy, but the rewards to be reaped from sticking with it are totally worth the effort. Fat loss, increased energy, stable blood sugar and rich, satisfying meals are just a few of the reasons why thousands of Custom Daily Diet users choose the “Atkins/Ketogenic” option as their primary diet type.

The Top 10 Paleo Recipes On Custom Daily Diet


Starting a paleo diet can be a fun exploration of food in it’s most natural and organic state. Once you remove all the added sugar, salt and preservatives from your meals, your palate will gain a greater appreciation for the crisp, earthiness of vegetables, the richness of meats and the natural sweetness of fruits. Recipes like these might leave you wondering why you ever relied on processed foods full of sugar, salt and additives in the first place.

The Top 10 Mediterranean Recipes on Custom Daily Diet


You don’t have to travel far to enjoy authentic, delicious Mediterranean recipes. Because the Mediterranean diet plan consists of simple dishes based on whole, natural ingredients, it’s easy to recreate the regional flavor signatures at home.

Top 10 Vegetarian Recipes on Custom Daily Diet

Just because you’ve decided to adopt a vegetarian diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on flavorful, satisfying meals. These top ten vegetarian recipes eaten by Eat This Much users prove that going meat-free is anything but boring, and doesn’t have to be one long parade of green salads. From simple to complex, these recipes are sure to please any palate.

Top 10 Vegan Recipes on Custom Daily Diet

Following a vegan meal plan, or simply choosing to eat more vegan meals, doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, according to the top vegan recipes among Custom Daily Diet users, eating a vegan diet can be just as satisfying as any other meal plan. All it takes is a little more planning and you can be enjoying healthy, delicious, and most importantly, animal-free dishes every meal of the day. These recipes also happen to have a good amount of protein, which is helpful if you’re just starting out on your vegan diet.

Kitchen Hacks: Making the Most of Frozen Foods

Keeping your freezer stocked with whole frozen foods is a great way to support your meal planning efforts and keep your wallet nice and fat while you reach your diet goals. That 5lb carton of strawberries on sale in July won’t end up a fuzzy disappointment in your fruit drawer if you know how to freeze them right. The same goes for meats, vegetables, some dairy products and a variety of other diet staples that are sold in bulk, often for a lower price. Freezer foods are also a huge help for those who can’t shop more than once a week and want more variety in their meals. The trick to stocking up your freezer like a pro is knowing what freezes best, how to freeze foods properly and which recipes turn into the best make ahead meals.

5 Easy Ways to Get More Fiber in Your Diet

Considering how eager the fitness industry is to identify (and sell) the magic bullet for weight loss and better health, we should be drowning in commercials for split peas. Not only are there studies connecting diets high in fiber to weight loss, positive connections have also been made regarding lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar and addressing a variety of digestive issues. Unfortunately, most people don’t hit the 25 – 35 grams of fiber recommended daily.

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